A new interactive study by Buyagift.co.uk examined the stress levels of top bloggers, revealing the ‘most relaxing’ beauty and spa treatments for busy women, according to science – and the results are surprising.


Research found that over half of 2,000 UK mothers are stressed out by getting the kids to leave the house for school and miss having a nap more than anything else. In response, the UK’s leading online gift experience provider launched a scientific study to determine which spa treatment had the most relaxing effect on busy women by measuring the stress levels of ten top UK mummy bloggers. Having a back and shoulder massage came out on top, but surprisingly a wash, cut and blow dry came in second – beating eight other treatments. 

Here are the top 10 Most Relaxing Beauty Treatments as advised by Dr Daniel Plews (Physiologist to Olympic-medial winning athletes):

Ten UK mummy bloggers were each given a spa treatment and asked to measure their stress levels – or Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – once during the most stressful moment of their day and again after their spa treatment. Buyagift then compared the different readings to determine the most improved stress rates and unveil which spa treatments truly reduce stress levels the most. 

  1. Neck and shoulder massage 
  2. Wash, cut and blow dry 
  3. Deep tissue massage
  4. Steam and sauna
  5. Swedish full body massage
  6. Pedicure
  7. Facial
  8. Hot stone massage
  9. Indian head massage
  10. Manicure

Dr Daniel Plews, Physiologist and Buyagift’s stress experiment consultant comments:

“The survey reveals that mums need to take more time to relax as too little sleep and too much stress can have serious long-term physical and mental health implications. As 4 in 5 families don’t know which treatment to get their mother, this experiment was designed to reveal which treatments help mums de-stress the most by analysing mums’ stress levels. We did this by measuring HRV, which is an accurate, non-invasive measurement of the variation between consecutive heart beats intervals. It reveals signs of physiological stress, as HRV is typically higher (more variation between heart beats) during relaxing activities and decreases (less variation between heart beats) during stressful activities.”

HRV readings were measured using HRV4Training, the first validated app able to measure heart rate and heart rate variability reliably.

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