With Glam Africa having head quaters in 4 countries, it makes for a great soup of music sharing amongst the team. Today we gushed about cross-country music including African stars

Most of the team, if not all, know of my obsession with Burna Boy and his music. From Nigeria to Ghana to London, they know not to talk about his ALLEDGED girlfriend Stefflon in front of me but they also know I don’t mind this thing their having cause one day I will bump into him on the streets of South Africa and it will be all over for them! Well.. my relationship too but we’ll cross that bridge if it happens (lol), point is, when the discussion of our favorite cross-country collab popped up, it was to no surprise that mine would be a song featuring Burna Boy. What surprised them however as how much of an oldie this one is, before dreadlocks old. And here it is:

Sarkodi ft Burna Boy and AKA- Special Someone

… Because if ever I get cheated on, I would also like a mercedes as an apology. Enjoy!


The next fun video was chosen by Mike, one of our killer Advertising sales Execs. He loves the jam created by Juls and Wande Coal in this very month last year, because he says the vibe just gets him going and they blended very well together. Also he really wishes he was in the video!

Wande Coal ft. Juls- So Mi So

Now we can’t talk about cross-country collabs without the Wizkid, Drake and Skepta worldwide hit, and our Beauty Editor Sue Omar called it! One that we all agree will go down in history books as one of the best American/African collabs, Sue spoke about how the beat can get anyone on their feat, and of cause “drake’s verse is lit!”

Wizkid ft. Drake & Skepta

Now one team member we HAVE TO listen to is our News and Celebrities Content creator, Samuel Amegavi, because he is generally the first to hear and know everything that’s happening with African Celebrities. And his opinion is, the greatest colab ever made, proven by how big the song still is in all corners of the world, is the 2018 release by AKA and Kiddominant. Not only does it represent the growing synergy between all Urban African industries, but it revived the love of ne of Africa’s greats: Fela Kuti.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the song Samuel is talking about is:

AKA ft. Kiddominant- Fela In Versace 

Our final song was from our Chief Editor, Afua Adom. Now I personally know she has great taste in music because the collabo she chose also features Burna Boy. I swear there was no cohesion! Her favourite, in her words is “still Location by Dave abd Burna Boy. It’s been around for ages but I LOOOOOOVVVEEE IT! Mostly because of Dave’s cheekiness mixed with Burna’s roughness and Fela vibes. It shouldn’t work but my goodness it really does!”

And here you have it, the final jam to this week’s GA Playlist. Let us know in the comments or by connecting with us on social media if you agree with our choices!

Dave ft. Burna Boy- Location

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