If you have enjoyed Uzo Adubea’s precious show in movies, she is even about to blow your mind with her performance in the latest Netflix musical titled Beats.

Uzo Adubea, who is of Nigerian descent, is dominating the Hollywood industry and is adding to her report by playing the mother of young music beat maker Khalil Everage in a new African American story inspired Netflix film.

With so much talent yet scared to come off his shelf to show the world what he can do, Khalil is discovered by his school’s security guard played by Anthony Anderson, who took notice of his work and works to expose his talent to the world.

The battle faced by Anthony is convincing Uzo’s character to allow her son to chase after his dreams in music and also instilling confidence in Khalil.

If you are a fan of musicals then watch out for the release of Beats. Enjoy the trailer below.

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