The grand opening of Wanneka’s lounge by popularly known hair mogul, CEO of Hairby Wanneka, will feature a red carpet event which will commence by 4pm, followed by a dinner by 6pm. It will bring together people from all walks of life, creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere for networking

To celebrate, the Grand Opening will include free tasting of their top dishes delicately prepared by their very experienced team of chefs. They offer a wide range of Nigerian and Intercontinental cuisines guaranteed to thrill your taste buds.

Wanneka’s Lounge which has been described as a home away from home has impeccable design and finishing which is complemented with stunning decor. The customer service and hospitality is world class.

Inspired by various cultures in Nigeria, the ground floor houses kitchens that focuses on dishes that exemplify the beauty and simple elegance of the country thus offering dishes from Yoruba Kitchen, Calabar Kitchen and Igbo Kitchen.

A sit out is also available to those who desire a private time with their loved ones, here they have access to tasty sharwama, pizza, smoothies, pastries and other assortments.

The first floor houses array of lounges where you are treated to top-notch a la Carte menu and each lounge caters to a maximum of 30 persons, hence, can be used for private meetings, get-together, private parties and the lot. The last floor is the Penthouse which serves as the buffet room and can also be used for parties.

Located in a serene environment on Road 12, Wanneka’s Lounge promises a perfect mix of fun, relaxation, entertainment and of course top-notch meals, thereby treating you and your family to a unique and cost effective dining experience.

Wanneka’s Lounge is the brain child of Hair by Wanneka, a successful business run by the Hair Boss, Mrs Doris Nkumah. According to her, it is borne out of her passion for food, cooking and providing quality food at a cost effective rate to every person.


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