One of Africa’s most successful artists Burna Boy sat down with BBC News Africa to discuss his Global Music Album category win at the 63rd Grammys with his album “Twice As Tall“. He spoke about the importance of Africans telling their own stories and why it is important for hin to work from Nigeria despite the challenges. He says;

“Because, it’s my home at the end of the day and the fact that I did it here and from here, it doesn’t mean that it was conducive or it was always like this. So I feel like if the environment was more conducive, if we had leadership who took the youth seriously and certain infrastructures in place, then I probably wouldn’t be winning the Grammys in 2021. I would probably have won the Grammys in 2013 or 14. But at the end of the day, it is what it is you know… and God makes no mistakes.”

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Interview by Princess Abumere
Filmed and edited by Joshua Akinyemi