The adventure of Lola and Chuchu is an exciting 13 episode animated series produced in Nigeria by Anthill Studios with sponsorship from Friesland Campina, makers of peak chocolate.

The whole story revolves around two teens, Lola and Chuchu who visited their grandma in Abeokuta for holidays. They found a magical object in the grandma’s house that went on to change their lives by setting them on a journey with different challenges to overcome.

Let’s start with the official trailer for the series:


Episode 1: Where are you?


Episode 2: Let’s do this!


Episode 3: Out of this world.


Episode 4: A tricky challenge.


Episode 5: It’s a merry Go Round.


Episode 6: Haruva


Episode 7: Th Split.


Episode 8: Entangled.

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