Michaela Coel has continued with her dominance of the screen via insightful motion pictures. Her self-written, produced and directed, ‘Chewing Gum’ television series was the success story that catapulted her into the mainstream industry, giving a lot of top entertainers in the Hollywood and Britain a run for their money with her confident nature on and off-screen. Now she Is being cast alongside John Goodman and Harriet in the new investigative thriller, ‘Black Earth Rising’, written and directed by Hugo Blick affords her the chance to portray another side of her.

The BBC and Netflix collaborative work was initially named ‘The Forgiving Earth’ and is the story of investigating a warlord. Kate Ashby, a law practitioner, had to join her adoptive mother to prosecute an African warlord, this led her and the mother into unfolding troubles that set the story open for discussion.

A release date hasn’t been fully announced by the producers of the movie, but, we are certain it might come out before 2018 ends.



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