Wow! Africans are rich and are not scared to flirt with their money via the luxurious lifestyle. Contrary to the perception that most African billionaires hide their sources of wealth from the public, this hasn’t been the case and we give all the thanks to celebrated Ghanaian media mogul, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi.

Through his luxury television program ‘Revealed With Bola Ray’, we get to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the well-known billionaires on the continent, their multiple sources of income etc.

Prominent personalities including Togolese football star, Seyi Emmanuel Adebayor, world-renowned Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Rita Rakus, London-based serial entrepreneur and luxury lifestyle purveyor Ikenna Ordor, and Wonda World Estates and Petronia City CEO Nana Kwame Bediako and a host of others have been featured on the first and second season.

At the launch of the third season at Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra which comes as a result of the success of the previous offerings and the huge demand from viewers on and outside the continent, main host of the show, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi (Bola Ray) introduced his co-host, Emeline Nsingi Nkosi, they take a look at the flourishing wine industry of South Africa sponsored WOSA (Wines of South Africa). The marketing manager (Africa) for WOSA, Matome Mbatha was at the launch.

Matome Mbatha

What to expect from the third season:

From the launch, our expectation became higher, we were exposed to all the activities that took place and what’s in stock for viewers in the third season. The ten-day South African tour consists of an exciting and extensive itinerary including wine tasting, wine pairings with decadent meals (Launch and dinner), and a stop at the Cape Town Jazz Festival. It didn’t end there, the team also took a luxurious overnight-ride aboard the Blue Train through mountain ridges, hills, valleys and townships of Cape Town and Pretoria. A trip worth living because it afforded an intimate interaction of the country which also stands as a beacon of democracy and self-determination, especially via the stories of Nelson Mandela, and late jazz legend  Hugh Masekela. The final stages of the tour which you will be seeing on your screens also provided a grand tour of Soweto, the famous Motor Museum at L’Ormarins, a visit to the first home of Nelson Mandela and the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, as well as Art installations and trips to the Maboneng and Alexandra Townships.

The third season of ‘Revealed with Bola Ray’ starts airing on GH One TV, Fiesta TV (DStv Channel 329) and ABN TV in the United Kingdom, 11 pm every Sunday. 


Have you watched the previous seasons, which episode was your favourite? Let’s get interactive in the comments box below.

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