South Africa’s history cannot be written without the most crucial times when apartheid divided the country into segments based on the colour of the skin. The more white you are, the more superior you are to others who are of different colours. Blacks within their own country were made to feel inferior about themselves.

Key individuals at the time stood up and fought the system to liberate everyone and create the environment where co-existence regardless of colour or background was accepted.

Among them was the late President of South Africa – Nelson Mandela, Anglican cleric/theologian – Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo and more.

Michael Ashton’s play ‘The Archbishop and the Antichrist’ inspired by the bravery of the Desmond Tutu has been adapted into a film titled ‘The Forgiven’. The role of Desmond Tutu is played by Hollywood’s Forest Whitaker alongside Eric Bana, Morne Visser and Jeff Gum. ‘The Forgiven is directed by Roland Joffe.

Shortly after Forest Whitaker (Desmond Tutu) was made the head of the nationwide investigation, he was summoned to a maximum security prison by a notorious criminal (played by Eric Bana). Eric is seeking to be freed from his crimes. While in the prison wall, Forest is drawn into a very life-threatening battle with Eric in the film.

Los Angeles-based acquisition and distribution company, Saban Films will release the film on March 9, 2018. But, before then enjoy the trailer below:

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