We all have a special name for it. In Namibia it’s known as Oshithima,  In West Africa it’s called fufu or Nshima. And today we are learning how to make the South African version: Mielie pap.

Pap is a robust carbohydrate or maize hit from South Africa and is usually served with stewed meat or vegetables.

A staple traditional food, If prepared correctly, it tastes great and leaves you feeling full and satisfied. This meal however has different variations from different African countries. Go put on your apron, because we’re about to have some cooking lessons!

In the video below, Youtuber Lempies explains how to make a smooth, silk and soft porridge using maize flour.  (Mahangu porridge)


In Nigeria, pap is also known as Ogi or Akamu. It is usually served for breakfast and is usually served alongside Fried plantain, Akara (bean-cakes), or fried yam. It is also a great baby food. Akamu is prepared almost in the same way as custard and milk and sugar are also used to sweeten the taste. Here’s what you’ll need to prepare Nigerian Akamu.

Nigerian recipe

Wet Maize Starch (Akamu, Ogi or Pap)

Water (Hot and Cold)

Evaporated Milk

Sugar (to taste)


Put some lumps of akamu/ogi/pap into a size-able bowl.

Use a tablespoon to crush the lumps of Ogi into very small pieces.

Add cool water in small quantities and mix till you have a medium consistency with no lumps. Your aim should be to mix the Ogi as thick as possible.

Put a kettle of water to boil.

Just before the water boils, stir the mix again because some of the Ogi may have settled at the bottom of the bowl. If not stirred well, this is the major cause of lumps when you start making it.

Once the water boils, pour it slowly but steadily in a circular motion into the bowl of Ogi and stir at the same time.

Once the mixture starts to set, stop stirring and reduce the flow of water till it is completely set.

Set the kettle aside and stir very well.  Add milk and some sugar to taste and stir everything to the way you like it. It should look something like this when you’re done.

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