What’s your favorite meal?

Mine is called Abacha.

For today’s post am sharing a personal review of my favorite meal. It’s called ‘Abacha‘ in my native language but it’s generally known as ‘African Salad’.

In my hometown, Abacha is not really considered a meal, it is an appetizer, a dish served to guests to whet their appetite while the main meal is still in the works.

But for me, i love Abacha as a meal. It’s probably not because i have small a stomach and am easily full, but when garnished properly, Abacha can fill you like a main dish would.

Abacha is made from dried cassava peels and a host of natural ingredients that comes together to birth a highly nutritional meal.

Would you love to learn to prepare Abacha? it’s easy, read all about it HERE.

My momma said to pursue my dreams and am taking her advice literally. I decided to discover local spots in my city Enugu, Nigeria, where they sell Abacha, and give my honest review.

It’s been quite a crazy adventure, am not only doing reviews, but am meeting new people and learning different recipes on how to prepare the same meal, plus a few tricks of the trade. You know how restaurant food always tastes different and more exquisite than homemade meals? Am picking up few secrets on my way.

To make sure you guys are part of this journey, here’s the first review i made at a popular restaurant called Afrispot Cullinary in Enugu.



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