Real talk. When all the fun was had and it’s time to pay the bill… what’s the approved algorithm?

A cousin was in town this weekend and of cause a bunch of us went out for a nice steakhouse dinner with lots and lots of wine and laughter. It was really fun, we spoke of everything under the sun; she finally met my new-ish partner of a year and casually spoke of the one that just broke up with her.

Everyone else at the table chimed in with perfect anecdotes, we spoke of broke guys masquerading as good guys for survival (we are going to have to chat about this in it’s own blog) and we ended on a “we should take a group trip soon!” merry note just as the bill arrived to the table.

And then all personalities evaporated. Calculators came out and the debate on how to split the bill started at parliament volumes.

Now… I need to say, there were three perfectly capable and income-earning men at the table who at some point offered to pay the bill in it’s entirety, albeit half-heartedly. But my independent woman cousin refused their offers and proceeded to start an inquiry into “who had the green tea and lamb chop burger?”

Hoping to be the hero, I mentioned how we can all just split the bill evenly only to be snapped at about how she only had salad and shouldn’t be pulling out steak monies…

An awkward 10 minutes later, we had all paid our Rand value and 35 cents each (don’t forget the the tip), hugging our goodbyes and mildly promising our revisit to the proposed trip.


So what’s the right way to split the bill? Evenly? Everyone to pay their share- even if there’s 9 people at the table? Or should one brave person cover the whole bill and responsibilities be rotated with the next hangout?

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