Hey foodies! It’s wednesday, you know what time it is. But we’re switching things up today, we’ll be looking at ridiculous Food combos.

We all try ridiculous and weird things when we are alone, uh huh honey. You know it’s true. No judgment there, how do you think chefs come up with new recipes?

I never gave this much thought until my friend said her weird secret combo is Soaked Garri (cassava flakes) with Biscuits and chocolate. Believe me I had to rethink the terms of our friendship.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

This is the top five worst meals for anyone to try. Have you found any others?

1. Noodles and bread: Like I can’t even deal, why not have them seperatly? People be really weird.

2. Noodles and fried yam: wow, just how! How does this even go down? Thankfully there’s no photo on the internet for this.

3. Beans and Tea: I cannot be friends with anyone who has tried this. (No photos too thankfully).

4.Soaked Garri (cassava flakes) with Biscuits and  chocolate;  ladies, ladies and more ladies please stop!

5. Pineapple Pizza: No matter how much y’all try to make this a trend it’s still a no for me.

Share your ridiculous food combos, who knows I might share the recipe for it next week!

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