So you’ve decided it’s time you shed a few pounds, get online to research the best way to do it and all you see is Keto this, Keto that. Well, I’ll explain it to you in a nutshell!

Loosing weight is a daunting, time and energy consuming journey that most fall off if they are not completely committed to it 100%. This has been proven time and time again whenever a new fad diet pops up. It becomes all the craze, “quick results”, “Easy to do”, “Shed the pounds without exercise!” And yet it seems when you are done with the ‘program’ or give up, you gain twice as much as you lost.

The Keto diet was introduced as a long-term, lifestyle change ‘diet’, if we may call it that, that while promoting you exercise regularly, teaches that loosing weight has mostly to do with what you eat than how much you work out. That is easy enough right? It’s not the first to claim that… BUT this lifestyle eating change claims that what you have learned throughout your life: that fats and oils are bad for you and carbohydrates are great for energy- is completely wrong and is actually to the contrary.

Focusing on what they call “Macros” (Macronutrients), they explain that if you keep your food intake to a ratio of 65% Fats, 25% Protein, 10% carbs, you will soon see the extra mass on your body melt away. This is due to your body transitioning from burning carbs for fuel (and storing everything else like fats for later- should you ever starve) to burning fats (ketones) as it’s primary source of fuel and therefore slowly depleting your storage unit.

Now of cause this is overly simplified but many fitness influencers swear by the diet and talk of its lasting energy effects. A great influencer to follow who walks you through the entire journey is  @KetoQueens_ but to understand the scientific mechanics of how the ketogenic diet works, Doctor Boz on Youtube breaks it down including all the health benefits like lower cholesterol and decreased chances of diabetes.

See @KetoQueens_ progress below


Check out Dr. Boz explain the Keto diet below

I just want to remind all you African food/mama’s Sunday desert loving folks… that this means no Jolof rice and no chocolate ANYTHING!

Let us know in the comments below if you are planning to try the Keto diet as well as any great results you might have had!

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