The new collaboration between singer Rihanna and shoe making giants Manolo Blahnik went on sale today. If have no idea what the hype or collection is about well we have got the scoop just for you.

According to Blahnik, there was something ”extraordinary” about the Bajan princess

Vogue British - April 2016
Photo Credit: British Vogue

He disclosed….

“I thought, ‘that girl has got something unique.’ She’s got wonderful manners and a very, very, very clear mind. Beautiful, beautiful girl.”


The collection dubbed ‘Denim Desserts’ features six limited edition styles and consist of boots, pumps, and sandals. The prices range between $767 to $3,483



rihanna-manolo 1

Rihanna who is obviously excited about the business move revealed ….

“I have always loved Manolo Blahniks, Mr. Manolo’s shoes are the most luxurious and timeless shoe there is! His designs make women feel incredible when they wear them, so to be able to collaborate with him and combine our sensibilities has been a dream come true!”








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