Today being Wednesday, it is a day set aside to celebrate and reveal your crush, express your admiration and respect to them for either playing direct or indirect beneficial role in your life.

Gabrielle Union celebrated Essence Atkins in her post on instagram for the friend and sister she has become to her, helping in several ways through her motivational and inspirational words and something finding time to be by her.

Having the ability to know when she is sad and when to be there even if distant won’t allow for the possibility of it, she still finds way to make it to sit and have a chat with her like a sister encouraging her to keep moving and never give up.

From their first meeting back in 1999, they have remained in close contact and share many bad and good moments together fighting to reach perfection as strong black women.

She posted her photo with a text, See below:

My #WCW is one of my bffs @essence_says. We 1st met when I guest starred on her show “Smart Guy,” but we truly became sisters when we were cast as sisters in a pilot for NBC back in 1999. Before each of our scenes we would dance & jump around singing Criss Cross to shake off the nerves. She’s one of those people in your life who just has a sense of when you aren’t doing so hot. When I was filming up in Montreal years ago, I was lonely and isolated (being “the one”) & she called me and could hear in my voice that I needed a friend. She booked the next flight to Canada to hold my hand and look me in the eye to ensure I was OK. That’s the kind of woman she is. This East Flatbush Brooklyn native has starred in countless TV shows and films, from “Under One Roof” to “Smart Guy” to “Half and Half” and “Deliver Us From Eva.” She now stars in the upcoming NBC show @nbcmarlon, airing on August 16 at 9 and 930pm. She is a mother to Varro, one of the coolest kids I know, and works tirelessly to uplift and empower women. She also stresses the importance of continuing to do the hard work on yourself. Essence wants to spread this message for anyone who has faced adversity and uncertainty… “Most importantly I’m working on me. Becoming the mother I want to be so I can flourish. Sitting with my brokenness and slowly (admittedly) reassembling my life to finally represent my spirit, capacities, and design my happiness daily. Without requiring outside sources or anyone’s permission to have a beautiful life.” And this is why we all love her so much… and she’s just getting started. Stay on the lookout for her upcoming projects.