It’s no surprise that Youtube has become the Millennial mogul of our generation, and we have no one better to thank than our Youtube big sisters who provide us beauty tips, entertainment, honest reviews and girly chit chat.

Patricia Bright

Youtube’s big sister Miss Bright, formerly known as Brit pop princess has come a long way from sharing her proposal news to her fans to frequently featuring hubby and her adorable 1 year old daughter on her channel. Patricia hit the 2 mill mark in January and is humbled as she just hit the 1 mill mark only 6 months ago. Black British Youtubers have been setting their own path in the entertainment industry, ranging from inspirational individuals such as Aaliyah Maria Bee, Nella Rose and Breeny Lee.

Patricia was the first black British Youtuber to hit the 1 mill mark and we couldn’t thank her enough for setting the trend.

Jackie Aina

Known for her honest, straight talking videos whether that be reviewing a brand/product, or some girly chit- chat advice you can trust that you will be hearing facts from Aunty Aina. Born and raised in LA California with her parents originally from Nigeria, Jackie recently also hit the 2 mill mark, as she is known for not shying away from giving honest reviews, such as the Kim Kardashian contour sticks where she was invited the the reality TV star’s home where the launch of KKW took place. Jackie went back to her channel to review the products and was not very pleased to say the least.

Alissa Ashley

22 year old LA based beauty blogger Alissa Ashley, hit the 1 mill milestone on the 22nd January 2018. The content creator who is passionate about photography is also in collaboration with Elf Cosmetics selling lip glosses. Alissa has a twin sister named Arnell Zinnerman who is also a Youtuber and has done video collaborations with fellow youtube star Aaliyah Jay. The two sisters have claimed to have had a passion for cosmetics through simply watching their mother apply makeup on.

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