Another great moment for African creative writers as Nigerian author, Oyinkan Braithwaite’s debut novel; My Sister, the Serial Killer which is due for release in November 2018. Prior to the official outdooring of the novel, British production house, Working Title Film has expressed interest in turning the book into a film.

Obviously, it has been a good year or two for Nigerian authors, just recently, Hollywood actress of Kenyan descent, Lupita Nyong’o announced the adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah into a miniseries. Oyinkan’s novel has a fascinating storyline which talks about a Nigerian woman whose younger sister has this uncontrollable habit of killing her boyfriends.

The Kingston University’s graduate worked as an assistant editor at Nigerian publishing film, Kachifo and was also a finalist for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize in 2016. Her track record and background in writing indicates the depth of the yet-to-be-released novel and why Working Title Film is preparing to partner producers such as Nira Park and Rachael Prior of Big Talk to bring the novel to our screens.

We can’t tell who is the screenwriter of the story, date of the shoot and the possible release day but according to the Oyinkan, the book will be released in November. Let’s keep our fingers cross to witness a refreshing moment of greatness from an African once more.

Main Image Source: Pixabay

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