Almost everyone’s nonna (grandma) has their own secret cake recipe. No matter the cake you have outside, homemade cakes especially by granny always tops the chart.

It’s almost as though it’s a secret grandmother thing with magically blessed hands and you cant get that tasty goodness elsewhere..or can you?
We may have just found the best place to get delicious homemade cakes using a great grandmother’s secret recipe! Yes, you read it right.
We had a conversation with Tessa Auguste, the founder of Drunken Cakez a home-based cake business for events, parties, and personal gatherings. Here’s what she had to say;
Drunken Cakez started in 2018, when I was inspired by friends and family who loved the traditional Trinidad Christmas Black Cake I would make and sell at Christmas, which I learnt to make using my great grandmother’s recipe from my great aunt who raised me in Trinidad.
So I thought why not all year round? But with other alcohol-based fun cakes which is where the name (Drunken Cakez) is from. From there we have expanded to brownies, cheesecakes also non-alcoholic cakes and have more items in the pipeline i.e vegan range.”
We don’t know about you but eating this traditional Trinidad Christmas black cake sure sounds delicious and we can’t wait to have some!
Nothing beats a good family generational recipe. 
At the moment during these times, Drunken Cakez is offering non-contact delivery within various parts of London. Pastries available include baked cheesecake, cookies, and cream baileys cupcakes, loaded brownies, and strawberry daiquiri.
Drunken Cakez also bakes cakes/cupcakes for events, birthdays, parties, and family gatherings.
Get your hands on some homemade delicious cake today and thank us later. Reach out to Tessa on Instagram @drunken.cakez


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