1515186_1609612045934550_1397129139_nOvertime I have heard people chant about how boring work clothes can be, how they cant wait till weekend to wear those fun outfits. I don’t care what you work dress code is, it can go from been dressy, to fun and yet classy, all you have to do is bring your fashion game alive and make it bang. But don’t go overboard, we want you to look good and still make the papers. So here are inspirations on how to rock them. Please note that, some of these outfits may not sit well with your organization’s style principles, so its not for everyone.

 the New Day Show with Benny Blanco at Tv3 had an incredible time discussing "How To Dress For A Funeral or A Sad Event" read all about it now on the blog [www.stylebytrey.blogspot.com]
Close up beautiful dress from @komeshairrave_ready2wearbykome strictly by order I didn't make any extra, was a sample for me to try on n I love it so if ur interested will make for you, head over to our page to find out how to contact us... #readytowearbykome we will make you stand out ? #Ilovemydesigns #unique #thankyoulord
Blessed Sunday to you all ? ?❤ outfit from @isyzeehouseofstyle

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