22 year old, mother of twins Tammi Leanne Clarke, has used her passion for makeup and all things beauty to launch her youtube channel which is currently standing at 11k subbies. Over on her instagram page where she has grabbed over 20k followers, she gives us a glimpse of what brands she is currently loving and wearing.



The humble individual shares her story of being a young mum of twins at just 18 years old, as well as chit-chat videos which will have you glued to your laptop/tablet screen of times when she was fired from a job/worst nights outs etc.

The London based beauty launched her online business Lovable Lashes and showcased her craft for the first time at Pluz Sized Fashion Week in September 2015. The collection features affordable mink, synthetic and 3D lashes with names such as Princess Pandora and Spacey Stacey.





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