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Glam Diva of the Day


  Today's Glam diva is Cynthia from New York.She is literally the easy breezy cool girl next door.Also her beautiful hairstyles...Just see for yourself and let us know if you like her ass much as we do. For more of her,follow her blog here;http://www.addicted2etsy.com/

Glam Diva of the Day

Today's Glam Diva is Beverly of Atlanta,fashiona behind the blog http://lifeinbeverlyheels.com/. She says her style is hugely influenced by the style of Life In Beverly. What do you think of her style? More of her here; http://lifeinbeverlyheels.com/    

TODAY’S GLAM DIVA: Shirley B. Eniang

Todays's Glam Diva is the blogger and YouTuber Shirley.If you are a fan of minimal style,you'll love her. Her approach to fashion is so clean and refreshing. Let us know how you will rate her style.For more follow here;http://shirleyswardrobe.com/ If you are stylish and would like us to feature your style,...

Glam Diva of the day

Our first Glam Diva of the day goes to Soraya of Nottingham,England;Her style is not for the color shy.She is bold and striking and her shoes collection is to die for.Let us know how you like her style. More of her here http://www.styleismything.net/ If you are stylish and would like us...