Boy meets girl, they fall in love and he takes her to meet his family. What is the twist in this classic tale directed by Tony Sebastian Ukpo? Well, the boy (Josiah Abiola played by Joseph Benjamin) is the only son in a Nigerian family and the girl (Samantha Smith played by Daniella Down) is a typical English rose. “And so what?” I hear you ask. Well the family live in Nigeria, yes our English rose travels across borders to meet Josiah’s family.

On top of having to deal with the cultural shock that comes with crossing continents, she encounters a scheming mother who simply does not think she is good enough for her son and a scorned ex who is willing to break up their relationship. Will their love be able to transcend over these problems? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

The premier of Mum, Dad, Meet Sam showed me how far Nigerian movies have come. The industry is not the same as it was ten, even five, years ago. New faces are coming onto the scene and always with it comes flair of humour and originality true to the culture. I suppose the most exciting part of this development is the scale of growth that is still yet to be made. At this rate, the only way to go is up!



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