We all have a celebrity fashion icon. They slay every outfit you’ve seen them in and even their fashion faux pas have you screaming ‘WERK!’ But how do you become the go-to fashion icon in your social circle?


The key? Keep up with fashion trends. This is not always easy but certainly not impossible. Try some of these simple steps to unleash your inner fashionista!

Check online for new trends: Social media has changed up the game, making ever evolving FADs more accessible to us all over the world. To stay on top of the seasons yay’s and nay’s, have a look at what’s trending,  especially on the celebrities whose  style you would like to work into your wardrobe.

imageOnline Shopping: This is a great way to find out what’s available for the season. Select a few stores and explore their new selection. The benefit of  looking online first is that you know exactly what you’re looking for when you visit the department, saving you the time and stress of hunting through every rack. Online shopping also allows you to compare prices in each store, ensuring that you get value for money.

 Find Your Go-To Store:  As great as online shopping is, you still need to try on clothes to know how it fits your shape. Find a few stores that work with your style and periodically go in and try out their latest selection, even if it is just to get an idea of how it looks on your figure. that have the latest fashion in them and try them to see how good they suit you and what serves you best‎.


Look through fashion catalogues and magazines: As old school as this may sound, it is another great way to stay on top of trending styles. You can get some great  ideas and design for tailor-made clothes.


Watch TV shows too: You all know this to be true. Some shows just have great costume designers and stylists so their stars are always looking on FLEEK!


Stick To Your Budget: Staying on top of fashion may at times be expensive. Make sure you prioritise; do not spend your electric bill on a pair of red-bottoms. Know your limit and stay by it; economise and find more reasonable alternatives to achieve the look you want.


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AUTHOR: Aniebue Linda Nwakaego

Twenty year old model Aniebue Nwakaego Linda is a student of Mass Communications in the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State. With an ambitious eye, Linda write articles on fashion with a hope to inspire, motivate, and effect positive change.

Find more of her write-ups on her Blog.



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