Barbie dolls are usually sweet and have the ‘aww’ effect, but this Barbie doll has one more attribute –FIERCE! The African Pop Star, Dencia, is a Fierce Barbie Doll, and a week I her closet is distinct fashion style appreciated!

The light-skinned doll rocks a chic long blond hair and outstanding youthful outfits to complement it; she seems fond of lace fabrics and high waist trousers that accentuate her curves and highlight her feminine features. Her choices of colours are perfect for her skin tone; black, black and white, peach, camouflage, gold… she wears it the Dencia way! We aren’t ignoring her black boots and colourful shoes.

A week in Dencia’s closet is simply a week of fierce Barbie Doll style.





Source -Instagram: @iamdencia — Hair By: @beautybybeyina


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