Hello my lovely sisters of GlamAfrica!

I am your American sister, living in Paris and working throughout Europe, Africa, and the US. My job is to report fashion, culture, and lifestyle abroad. And I am MOST excited to do so! But before we start, allow me to introduce myself and share a bit of my story with you.image

I am Shaun Ollison an, African-American in Paris working as a model. I came into this industry the hard way, the old school way. I started out by working fashion and hair shows in the San Francisco, Oakland Bay area (of which I was born and raised) participating in photo shoots for local designers and partaking in ‘sessions’ of long, unpaid shoots (often at short notice) with photographers to build my portfolio. imageShowing my portfolio to every agent in town and traveling to most open calls  in my region, I even tried out for the city’s Beauty pageant, Ms. San Francisco, and won! I then went on to represent my State as the first African-American, Ms. California. In essence, I paid my dues, all of which has taught me a strong and disciplined work ethic and has landed me here in Europe where I have lived and worked since 2001!image

Paris is Amazing! And, somewhat ironically, it has brought me to my roots, my love, my Africa. In Africa (and for Africa) I have been able to help build a school, The School of JAH in Ouidah, Benin. I have had the opportunity to visit the various refugee camps throughout Ghana and have brought attention to the lack of aid and resources for many of these camps. It was there I was elected the Ambassador for the refugees of Cote d’ivoire on behalf of the United States. Also I have been able to help create many fashion & fundraising events within the continent via my company, Ellüre Ja;tie. image

So you may imagine that there is so much I look forward to sharing with you all: the fashion, the beauty, the history, the music and of course our concerns. Be aware that Mama Africa is woven into all that I do. Each month I will bring you thought provoking commentaries, personal diary entries from my travels, and fabulous interviews from those who are actively working in the fashion, and beauty industry. Both in front of and behind the camera or catwalk!
Well that’s what good girl friends are all about, right?

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