It is often the small things that make us attractive to others. Not to be overlooked is the impression a good wardrobe can have!  Women get a lot of heat about how they dress but ladies I want to know what fashion sense do you find attractive in a man?
Some say it is what he wears, while others say it is how he‎ wears it that appeals. A man who has a good sense of style and fashion will surely attract. The power of a suit often causes us to assume that a man holds a certain standing in society, often well to do and motivated. Well…not all men in suits are. Any one can put on a suit right? We may as well stop misleading ourselves with these stereotypes. Can we really judge a man based on how he dresses?

Tinie Tempah, Glamour Magazine’s 6th Best Dressed Man of 2014 Who knew a blue velvet blazer could look so good!
Being too conservative in what you wear can become boring. Be vertical, diagonal, or horizontal. Be anything you want, just don’t restrict yourself to one particular style. Learn to embrace. Be simple, yet sophisticated. ladies, a man may not be as fashionable as you would like but you can change that. Could you really write him off for something that can easily be improved?

Michael Ealy making casual look oh so cool
Some women actually pick out what their man wears. It is not that men don’t know what to wear, some of them are clueless as to how to wear them and what fits their shape and style. Others are just not as concerned as women are about their appearance. This is okay, especially if you can double as a stylist and help swag them out. But remember that more important than what they put on is how they feel within. If you’re going to do a fashion  experiment on your man/relative/friend, make sure that they feel comfortable and confident!

Tyler Perry looking confidently sharp
Transform that bad taste into good style! soon they’ll be able to dress well without you laying out their clothes.

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AUTHOR: Aniebue Linda Nwakaego


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