How is your hair loving journey going? We all know the struggle of finding our hair, by that I mean learning what works for our hair what doesn’t. With the overhaul of hair products and the relatively newer ranges that specialise in caring for natural hair, knowing what to use can be a challenge. As promised, each month Glama Africa will dedicate a post to finding the latest products and interviewing the makers to find out what we need to be doing to keep our tresses healthy and loved. This month’s focus is from a brand called Curly You.

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Curly You is a natural hair company that started in 2014 and it is based in the UK. Their goal is to provide affordable 100% organic natural hair products to clients on a natural hair journey. They use chemical free ingredients to ensure that your hair journey remains 100% natural.“Fall in Love with the Natural You.” This concept represents the essence of Curly You. It’s about helping every woman embrace her unique African heritage, while reinforcing her innate sense of self-worth. Curly You is notably dedicated to celebrating Black Beauty. It’s about reminding ourselves that our hair is Art, it’s Unique and its Majestic. Curly You has 3 directors: Sam, Tafara and Tracy, all based in the UK and originally Zimbabwean. Having known each other for over a decade, these three women work dynamically together, bringing out the best of their products. We carried out an interview session with them to find out more.


Why did you start making products?

It all started with a simple idea – Natural hair products for Natural hair. We also had the desire to combat the stereotypes that are associated with natural hair. From such a young age it is ingrained in us that straight hair is good hair and natural hair as many people like to label it as ‘nappy’ hair is bad hair. We wanted to create something that is inspirational and uplifting, something that could be passed on from generation to generation. Curly You therefore seeks to replace the negative images and labels that are associated with natural hair. We want to promote the idea that natural hair is Beautiful, its Majestic and its Unique.


How do you select your ingredients?

 Selecting the ingredients for Curly You was not an easy task; even to this day we are still working on trying to improve the formula to ensure that our clients get the very best. If only you could see the first jar of Curly You, you would definitely know that we have come a very long way. We researched and experimented on black hair care for almost two years. We basically looked at the issues that black women and men were mainly suffering from and tried to come up with solutions to those problems. For instance one of the biggest issues that naturals suffer from is dry hair. Everyone at some point has experienced this and most people spend thousands of pounds on products that promise them results they never see. We therefore spent a lot of time looking for ingredients that targeted dry hair and restored moisture. We made sure that Curly You products do exactly what they promise they will do and we have tested all our products on different hair textures to ensure that they work on all hair types.

Who can use your products?

Anyone can use Curly You products; they are perfect for all hair types because they are natural. They are suitable for women, men and children. Although our butters are specifically created for clients on a natural hair journey, they are also suitable for clients with relaxed hair. The butters are very rich so clients with relaxed hair will have to use a dime size amount compared to those with natural hair.

Given the availability of so many hair products, what makes Curly You different and why should we be using them?

We are glad you asked this question! All Curly You products are made from 100% natural ingredients; there are no chemicals what so ever. We believe that a natural hair journey should be 100% natural. Our research shows that natural hair thrives in a good natural environment; chemicals actually damage your hair and alter the normal growth process. We recognize that black hair cannot be confined to one group; rather we all have unique textures that require different products. A product that works well for someone with 4c hair will not automatically work for someone with 3c hair, therefore we have developed different products for clients to choose from. We do not only promote healthy hair practices, we also promote healthy eating. Our motto is Healthy Eating = Health Hair. Curly You is not just /seroquel.html about hair, its about a change in life style, if you eat healthy you will grow long healthy hair.

We aim combat the stereotypes that are associated with black hair. We believe that black hair is just as beautiful as other hair types. Curly You is therefore about reminding black women that our natural hair is equally beautiful and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. We should teach our little princesses the power and beauty our hair holds. We give hair tips at the bottom of each Curly You Jar. We want to help our Customers through their hair journey by providing them with as much information as possible. We also encourage all our followers on social media to share their own stories and tips. Our customers are the heart Curly You. We value every customer and we stay connected with them via social media. We answer all questions; give hair tips, healthy eating tips and general healthy living tips. We understand each customer’s hair journey as we have natural hair ourselves and we use Curly You products. A lot of companies don’t use their own products because they don’t have natural hair. We are also committed to the cause of environmentalism. Our packaging and containers are environmentally friendly as they can be easily recycled.


As product makers what would you like to see happening in the black hair industry?

We would love to see more people embracing their natural hair and knowing how to take care of it as well as passing on the knowledge to the younger generation. In the black community, relaxing our hair have been passed on from generation to generation, almost as a rite of passage, as has our negative view of natural hair. As a result many people have never been taught how to take care of their natural hair, we were definitely guilty of this as well. I actually didn’t know what my natural hair looked like until I did the big chop. We would also love to see more black owned businesses within the black hair care industry. The black community pumps billions into the black hair industry every year, it will be amazing to see some of this money being reinvested into black owned businesses. We use the products therefore we should sell them, and we should also make products that our hair can actually benefit from.

Where can people get hold of your products? ( please include links to social media and website and some images along with what captions of what the product is best for)

 You can buy our products from our website all products are £9.99. We currently have great discounts – Buy 2 for £18.00 (coupon code: buy2for18uk) and delivery is Free for all UK customers. International Delivery is free for products over £39.96 (coupon code free-ship).

Product Name Description

Mango Butter with Essential Oils

This product is a lightweight butter that locks in moisture. It penetrates the hair cuticles with ease. It will leave your hair feeling hydrated, soft and moisturized.


 cu2 Coconut Pre-Poo with Essential Oils This product is perfect for naturals that prefer using shampoos to other alternatives. This Pre-Poo protects the natural oils that protect your hair from being stripped away by the harsh chemicals in shampoos.

This product is suitable for all hair types.

This product will hydrates, softens and detangles your hair.





Avocado Butter Mix With Essential Oils

Avocado butter is a natural hair healer. It helps boosts hair shine, tackles frizziness and repairs damaged hair. This product is also a natural curly definer; it will leave your hair feeling soft and strong.





Shea Butter Mix with Essential Oils This African Shea butter tackles dry damaged hair. It’s a heavy sealant that’s perfect for naturals with thick hair. It locks in moisture for longer and leaves your hair feeling Soft and hydrated.

We want to expand the Curly You brand into other aspects of the cosmetic industry. Please stay connected with us via our social media, as we will be introducing our products soon. We really hope you will love them as much as we do.

There you have it, all you need to Know about Curly You. For more information find them on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter or send them an Email at

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