Hair products are a vital part of our lives. But with so much on the market for all hair types, it can be hard to know what to look for in some products. This week we caught up with Uju, CEO of Devine Rootz, a company that produces hair care products for Afro-Caribbean hair textures.

Devinerootz is a family owned business dedicated to providing natural, hand blended products. The DeVine hair and body range is the result of hairdresser Uju’s passion for healthy hair products made from quality raw organic ingredients. Find out exactly what she has to say about our hair product problem in this interview.image
Why did you start making hair products as a hairdresser?
 Being a hairdresser, I saw a lot of hair damage on clients due to bad styling and the misuse of  products. So I began making products for my children and also my regular clients. The clients I used these products on encouraged me to make the products available to the market, not just for salon use, so I went on a products making course. I then took my products for Safety Assessment to ensure they were balanced. In 2013 the DeVine range became available to the market.
How do you choose the ingredients that go into your products?
All ingredients are chosen based on years of research for the role they play and the effect they have on scalp health, combatting dandruff, encouraging hair growth, affect on colour and of course on the hair itself. We use ingredients which are good sealants and moisturisers. Our Argan oil is from Morrocco the Castor oil is from Jamaica. I make my own Coconut oil from organic coconuts and our Shea butter is raw organic butter.
What products are in your range ?
  •   Shea moisturising hair cream made with 70%raw Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba and a blend of herbs
  • Hair Oil
  •  Hair Sprayimage

How can clients use these products most effectively?

Well the shear cream can be used as a pre-poo and also after shampooing as a moisturiser. It can also be used to create twist outs or braid outs. It can be used on both damp or dry hair and by both those with natural or relaxed hair. The oil can be used as a hot oil treatment and also to apply to the scalp.
The hair spray can be used on braids and as part of the styling process for natural hair. All our products are safe to use on children too
May you please give our readers tips for buying hair care products?
  •  Always look at the ingredients listed. You should be able to recognise ingredients. Look into them and get to know what they do.
  • Try to buy and use organic products. Synthetic products clog pores and can weight down your hair
  •  Ask yourself IF you can trust the product
Thank you Uju, that’s been very interesting. Most people though will flinch at the price of organic and especially hand made products. How do you explain the cost of your products? 
 Organic products are pricey but they are worth it. For example the coconut oil used by Devinerootz  is made by me. It takes 4 organic coconuts and 2 hours to produce 200mls of Coconut oil. But I do it because I love it. I know the structure, the feel and smell of the end product. A lot of work goes into the process of hand blended products, they are also very concentrated yet effective. So a little goes a long way. Our products will last a long time.
There you go dear readers. We hope this helps with your product buying. Let us know if you’d like a post that breaks down what ingredients actually do in your products. What questions do you want us putting to product makers? Get In touch and tell us. Till next time happy hair loving.
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AUTHOR: Afrotility

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