Kani Boudoir is a natural hair specialist company, designing customised human hair extensions and wigs. We interviewed creator and CEO, Kani to find out all we need to know about hair care and maintenance while wearing a fierce wig.image

I started my own company due to the lack natural hair specialists. In addition my stylist was changing profession due to the change and growing demand in hair.

We all struggled with natural hair care. My struggle was finding a professional, educated natural hair expert. I was fed up of going to budget hairdressers, promising to create the styles required while claiming to have an in depth understanding of African hair and it’s needs. This is what led me to wigs and my journey into wigology began.

Wigs have been a big part of my life and I have been wearing them for a number of years. As my stylist was now moving onto a different career I was very concerned about the individuals that would be maintaining my hair henceforth. During my time with my stylist I learned a lot about hair care and when I say hair care, I’m referring to how my stylist communicated to me about my hair needs and goals, she showed me what a healthy customer-client relationship was supposed to be like.

When the time came for me to find a new salon to manage my hair, it was extremely difficult. All the services and expectations did not meet the standards I had become accustomed to. The key thing to remember is that what you give the clients matters more than what you can do for them. Every black hair salon recommended to me didn’t offer many of the services to maintain natural healthy hair. On top of that, they were very expensive. And so, Kani Boudoir was born.

This is a word that has been created in the last few years for hair stylists that specialize in wig design. Designing wigs has been practiced for may decades now and with everything, technology has played a big part in the evolution of wig making. All the wigs that we have now are still hand knotted, where an individual can spend up to 3 weeks knotting hair in a lace cap to create what we know as a full lace wig.imageimage

Wigs cause the least amount of damage in comparison to other natural hairstyles once you have been informed by your stylist on how to correctly install and remove your wig (if removable). The most important area of concern when wearing wigs is your hairline, that is if the wig has clips or combs for a more secure fit. In my own opinion, wigs are great for maintaining and growing your hair and allowing you to experiment with colour, textures and styles.

Anyone with any texture hair can wear a wig, even men!

What types of wigs are available on the market? What’s hot right now?
There are so may wigs available to us due to the growing demand for versatility. The most popular wigs are full lace wigs and frontal lace wigs that provide the most natural and realistic looking styles. Furthermore, wearing wigs has become more fashionable as women are provided with the facts and benefits of wearing wigs. In my opinion natural hairline wigs are a new trend. Natural hairline wigs give the illusion of hair growing directly from your hairline. This allows wig users to create topknot buns and ponytails with out their natural hair being exposed.

What are your top tips for choosing a wig?
When selecting a wig, it is very important to you that:
1. It fits and isn’t to tight which could cause damage on hairline (measuring should be done as a guide)
2. Determine what you want of your wig longevity or manageability as wigs require maintenance
3. Avoid adhesives/glues that can damage both the lace of your wig and if not applied properly may cause damage to your hairline

Tell us about maintenance? What’s the best way to take care of our units?
This is the part most women dread, cleaning their units. When you purchase you wig you should receive instructions on how to care for the wig, which may vary from salon or stylist.
The key things to do at home would be to:
1. Ensure your wig has been brushed through to avoid any tangling when washing (paddle brush recommended)
2. Wash hair in lukewarm water working lather from roots to ends
3. Rinse and repeat. Make sure you do not rub you lace if you have a lace wig, this could cause holes in your lace
4. Condition/ Deep condition for up to 10 minute and proceed with a final rinse
5. Wig should be are air dried where possible or dried under low or cool blast in a dryer
6. Use light serums/ oils to give hair a natural shine at least once a week

Do we need a wig stand or not?
Wigs stands are a must have as you protect you hair from unnecessary tangling and are great for restyling your wig. However if you cannot afford one, it is not the end of your wig life. It is important your wig is kept tangle free and can be stored in a silk / cotton bag.

What are the advantages of custom made wigs?
The advantages of having a customised wig are endless. A customized wig allows you to have something unique which suits your style and personality. The biggest advantage is that you have a creative say of what your wig looks like. As the client, you have all the control of all aspects of the wig from how it fits, to how many clips or combs are in your unit.These advantages will vary from client to client. Most of my clients enjoy the process of picking a colour, choosing a cut and walking through the process of making their wig, allowing for more details to be added to their wig.

imageSo there you have it ladies, all you need to know about the wonderful world of wigs. And to show how much we adore our readers and clients, Kani has agreed to a give 20% discount on your wig unit with the code BoudoirGA. You’re welcome!

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AUTHOR: Afrotility

Afrotility is the founder of blieq.com , her focus is on natural hair care and styling. She is Passionate about afro hair in all its different degrees of curliness, and believes that “understanding your hair is the key to enjoying it and loving every single curly strand”. She also insists that “no styling without consultation” should be the new standard.


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