There has been an outburst of food bloggers over the last couple of years thanks to apps such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Yummly. The rest of us however just stare on the wonderful images of food, which up until now were only accessible by vising your local gourmet restaurant. Among these has been some amazing contribution to the food movement by sisters such as the five below and many more.


I first discovered this wonderful model turned television cook while switching through the channels on a boring Tuesday afternoon. The first black model to cover American Elle, Pascal, was spotted by the same agency which spotted Naomi Campbell. Having a passion for food, she has gone on to three television series for the BBC and her vEry own shop in London selling baked goods. Boasting recipes from her Caribbean roots such as Baked jerk chicken with pineapple salsa, coconut rice and beans be sure to check out her amazing array of recipes here. After reading about her difficult childhood, this is one lady who works hard and gets what she wants without asking for permission!


Having only a few years experience in the blogging world, Nicole is the “city girl making cooking look sexy”. Nicole’s food blog Brown Sugar is a visual food heaven for those of use who eat more with our eyes. As well as food Nicole documents her journey with advice on love and relationships. So while you tuck into your Peanut-Butter Rolo Blondie, your love life is covered too!


Sweet Potato Soul is probably my favourite food blogger right now. This veganista is absolutely doing her thing when it comes to creativity in the kitchen. As a vegan personal chef in New York, I first discovered Jennè on my quest for healthier vegan recipes. Her fun and inspiring way of delivering advice on food and health through her YouTube channel will leave you inspired to dust of those pot and pans and make something like her amazing Cinnamon Ginger Butternut Squash! Click here for more!


Meet Miss Dee Dee, a food and beauty loving Californian who loves to travel for new culinary adventures. Dee Dee loves makeup and hair products (sound like anyone?), which she uses to look fabulous both during and after cooking. Eat Good, Look Good and Live Fab! is the slogan to Miss Foodie Fab blog that boast better than sex chocolate recipes; I don’t think we should waste any time trying these recipes out!


Clara Hall, a finalist on the American show Top Chef, this charismatic lady knows how to whip up a good meal made with her special ingredient of love (not seen in many ingredients lists I must say). Having been trained in classic French culinary skills to which she blends with her southern upbringing, Carla has gone on to be a co-host on ABC’s lifestyle series The Chew. You can find her whipping up recipes such as Butterscotch Mousse with Vanilla Salt on her blog.


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Author: Elizabeth Uwiduhaye

Elizabeth is a self-proclaimed nutrition fanatic who went on to study it at the University of Reading. She shared her childhood in both Rwanda and England, setting the basis to her globalised view of diets and lifestyles. Elizabeth’s love of food was developed through working in various different restaurants and her mother’s home cooked African meals. She hopes to combine her passion for cooking and knowledge of science in each recipe that is posted.

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