IMG_5432With Valentine’s day less than a month away, do you have a special someone you want to share that day, and maybe even the rest of your life, with? If you do then we wish you all the best. But what of us who do not have a ‘significant other’? How can that be changed? Here are some of my top tips for winning the man or woman of your dreams.

Dress To Impress: This is important for both men and women. Ladies love clean and stylishly dressed men. It shows that as a man you take care of yourself and your appearance. She may conclude that “if he can take care of himself then he can take care of me too.” And despite the portrayal in the media, most men (most real men) respect a woman who respects herself enough to cover up. Grown and sexy does NOT mean leaving everything hanging out all the time! (Even Kim K has changed up her look since meeting Kanye.) So guys and girls revamp your wardrobe if you need to. Remember  to be creatively unique but true to your own style.

The Sense of Smell: Once you have the visual aesthetics down move on to the next sense, the sense of smell. Do not underestimate how seductive ones smell can be. Find a fragrance that suits your personality. Don’t put on too much so that it’s severely over powering but enough for them to remember you by. The magic of this is that no matter where they are, once they detect the familiar scent of your perfume (even on someone else), they should think of you.

The Power of a Smile: Learn to give people a reassuring and a friendly smile. Let them know through your smile that you are happy, confident, and ready to enjoy life. The idea of a smile is to communicate that you are inviting, it can also convey a positivity about you. This is not just restricted a person you are trying to impress, make it part of who you are. I promise you that a warm smile will get you far!

Compliments are key: We all love being complimented! Most people have a weakness for being complimented about their appearance but go beyond that level of superficiality if you can. Be make sure that any compliments you make are honest and sincere, quite often we can see through insincere comments and it definitely is a major turn off.

Be Yourself: All the above are of no use if you are not willing to be completely honest with yourself and the person from the get go. You want to attract someone who likes you for who you are, not who you pretend to be.

You don’t need a second chance to create a first impression. Don’t over do it and remember pretence hinders you from being the real person that you ought to be. As humans we naturally gravitate towards those who are  calm and focused. Stay cool and collected but most importantly be true to yourself.

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Author: Mike Andrews

Amongst many other things, Mike Andrews is the publisher of True Talk magazine as well as a writer, life coach and marriage consultant. Find him on  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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