Born in October 1991, Alhuda Njoroge, known as Huddah Monroe, is one of Kenyan socialities who has a wide following of Kenyan youths. Her popularity shot up globally when she participated in the Big Brother South Africa event even though she did not emerge as the winner. On Friday 17th April, she posted a photo of a fiest with her friends with a rather news worthy caption.

huddahthebosschickI don’t hang out with boys . I hang out with MEN! That’s just me. . I would settle for a 90 year old than be with these cheating ass, confused , broke looking ass boys ! Respect my decision . I created this account alone! #NOboys

There were rather raging comments mostly from males, and agreeable statements by women, mostly.

Here is a look at some comments under the statement;

misswambuku Let a girl roll as she wishes…and If this pisses you off, watchu doing following her in the first place?? Yeah, that’s right…. You’s a jealous mofo!”
miklo007007 Hahahaha ur fuckin stupid gal..they will fuck u..they will fuck ur friends..they will fuck ur sisters ..we are men.the game will always be the same.. u stupid whore.kama unataka vizee vya 90 si vipo nenda kijijini kwenu umevikimbia hahaha malaya mtafuta pesa wewe ..this goes to all gals in here wenye kutafuta mtelezo wa maisha..